We are a breed apart

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No, really! Marketers advise that it is critical to identify and communicate their “unique point of difference”. So why is every agency “client-oriented, strategic-thinking, brand-building, innovative, creative-designing, results-focused, business-driving, award-winning, world-class, visionaries?”

Because those things matter… a lot. But, truth be told, they don’t matter much if the client and the agency are just not a ”fit”. Just like an energetic Border Collie may not be a “fit” for a senior citizen with a quiet lifestyle, or a Chihuahua for an athlete looking for a running buddy, not all matches are right.creative

The team behind Andiamo Creative focus on businesses and organizations that make a positive difference in the world. There’s nothing that makes our tails wag more than helping enthusiastic people exceed their business goals.

Sniff around our site to see if the Andiamo Creative Company could be a match for you.

Clever Basketball and Zumba Shoes Rack Design

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A friend of mine has recently bought a new house. The house of her dreams actually, having everything she has ever dreamt for. The house has plenty of rooms and one of them was going to be a dresser. As she always dreamt of having a whole room for her clothes and shoes, that seemed like a dream coming true. She wanted it to be simply perfect – both stylish and useful. She spent countless hours on the internet searching for ideas, read a pile of home design magazines, and still combining both concepts simply didn’t work out.

Finally she gave up and turned to me for help and advice. There were two particularly controversial areas – the shoes rack and the closets.

The closets had to allow easy access, be spacious, be eye appealing and be ..green. The shoes racks on the other side have too, allow even easier access. As she and her boyfriend changed shoes frequently, the ideal rack would have not doors at all. She also wanted it to be somehow inventive and clever.

With this objective off we went to brainstorms ideas and soon we got a couple of ideas for the rack and the closet.

Here they are, hope you like them.


sport-shoes-rackWe run through dozens of ideas, but none seemed to fit this place. She had a lot of shoes. And I mean A LOT. It was nearly impossible to have separate racks for each pair, so we agreed that the rack would be for the sport shoes only. All boots, flip-flops and high-heels would go in one of the closets.

This little change made my task a lot easier and I quickly found the best design for that room. The sport shoes rack would be made of white plastic tubes, arranged together. It will be suited right next to the door and the top part would hold her boyfriend’s basketball shoes (clever, isn’t it? After all, he must be tall) and the lower part would store her collection of zumba shoes. The rack turn both stylish and extremely strong. Each of the tubes was attached to the tubes next to it and an internal bracket held each of the tubes to the wall.

We all were extremely happy how this project come together. The tube design was awesome and they praise it every time we meet.





Having green closet is a bold choice. But it’s even bolder when half of the room space is occupied by closets. At first she wanted lime green but soon we agreed that this won’t be the most appropriate tone for a long term change. The pastel green was far more appropriate and eye-appealing.

There were plenty of hangers inside and plenty of specifically designed trays for all small everyday things like jewelry, belts, ties and scarfs. Last two were cleverly designed to hold many items at one and make choosing your favorite belt, tie and scarf a breeze. No longer had she had to dig to find the SCARF in the pile of scarves packed on top of each other. We installed internal LED lighting in the closets and it turns on when the door is opened which helps you find your stuff right away. However, the cleverest thing in this particular room, the one I am most proud of, is the shoes rack!